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June 23: Ephraim is a cake not turned

Spurgeon: June 23, Morning

“Ephraim is a cake not turned.” — Hosea 7:8

Whatever troubles, whatever burdens, whatever uncertainties you may be facing today, it’s good to remember – you are being trained for ruling and reigning in the heavenly kingdom.

We’ve been chosen by God to be His sons–to manifest His glory and grace throughout all creation throughout all eternity. It’s a high and unimaginably privileged calling. We are completely unprepared for our destiny, and  it’s our Father’s business to train us day by day by day.

So whatever troubles you maybe be facing, let’s rejoice in the high and holy calling God has upon us. And let’s make the most of another day of being personall trained by the Holy Spirit to serve in the courts of the King.

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