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June 22: He shall build the temple of the Lord

Spurgeon: June 22, Morning

“He shall build the temple of the Lord; and He shall bear the glory.” — Zechariah 6:13

God created this vast, glorious, awe-inspiring universe in six short days. He has been working on His eternal temple through the church for nearly two thousand years!

The beauty, glory, splendour and wonder of His eternal tabernacle will be beyond anything our minds can presently comprehend. Consider this: this very day His hands are working in your life to prepare you for your place, purpose, and function in His glorious pavilion.

If I am visited today with the sense that my life is empty, void, and meaningless, let me remember the eternal work of preparation that Jesus Christ Himself is performing in me. Let me be filled with a sense of hope, joy, and anticipation of the glory to come.

Thank you Lord Jesus for choosing me to be in a living stone in Your eternal house.

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