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June 2: The flesh lusts against the spirit

June 2, Morning

“For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.”  Galatians 5:17

As God’s children, we are born again into the Royal Family. Our future and destiny is to rule and reign with Christ in His kingdom forever.

This present life serves as our training ground, our boot camp, preparing us for our future calling.

Our first task is to daily rule and reign over our own sinful nature that dwells within us. We are well served to remember that our closest enemy is our fallen nature, which wars against us through pervasive doubt, fear, and condemnation.

May God grant us grace today to fight the good fight and to walk according to our new nature – in faith, hope, love, prayer and worship. In so doing, we walk as good soldiers, following in the footsteps of our Commander,  Jesus Christ.

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