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June 12: Thou art weighed in the balances

Spurgeon: June 12, Morning

“Thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting.” — Daniel 5:27

How do I see myself today? How do I evaluate how I’m doing?

Paul says in the book of Romans that those who compare themselves by themselves are not wise. One sure way to stray into error is to measure myself and evaluate myself by comparing myself to the people and the world around me.

It is wise to weigh myself against what’s found in the word of God.

  • Comparing myself to Jesus Christ reveals my progression in godliness.
  • Comparing myself to the heroes of the Old Testament saints reveals how to respond in times of difficulty and trial.
  • Comparing myself to the New Testament apostles reveals my zeal and ministry serving the Lord.
  • Comparing myself to the word of God in general, and the work of faith in the lives of His people, I find out where I am falling short and need God’s help to live a life of greater faith.

Fortunately, I find the blood of Jesus Christ cleansing me from all my  sin and washing me of all of my failures.

I find a heavenly Father who is patient, loving, gentle, and mindful that I am but dust.

I also find in the word of God, the all-sufficient grace of Jesus Christ, which comforts me in my failures and strengthens me to seek God’s higher call. I find there full and complete acceptance by my God.

Soldier on, friend, according to the word of God’s grace.

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