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June 11: There brake He the arrows of the bow…

Spurgeon: June 11, Evening

“There brake He the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle.” — Psalm 76:3

We’re so puny – so feeble – in fighting against sin, serving the Lord, seeking to impact the world for Christ, or to just please God on a daily basis. We are the very picture of weakness.

Jesus is awesome, though, even in His weakest moment!  While dying on the cross we see Him destroying Satan, conquering sin and death, saving His loved ones, glorifying God, buying back the world with His blood, changing man’s concept of love and courage forever, loyal in the face of abandonment and treachery, and all the while forgiving, praying, blessing, and caring!

He is strong indeed, and He now lives in us! Lord, make me strong with YOUR strength today, I pray.

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