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June 1: The evening and the morning were the first day

June 1, Morning

“The evening and the morning were the first day.”  Genesis 1:5

We would feel sorry for a child who panicked every evening with fear that the darkness would never lift.

We learn quickly that the sun also rises daily, and we again enjoy it’s warmth and light.

When it comes to our spiritual revolutions, as we oscillate between blessing and trial, joy and gloom, hope and disappointment, we tend to be like the child. We fear that every dark season is here to stay.

May God give us grace to embrace our trials and difficulties, and make the most of our night seasons.

Jesus is just as near in trial as in blessing, and our Father’s Love is as strong in seasons of gloom as in seasons of joy.

By faith, we are invited by Him to rejoice in all things, at all times.

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