Jay Stapleton

Jay Stapleton has been teaching the Bible since 1989. He began by teaching home fellowships for young adults and new believers. In 1991 he began teaching the Bible at a private Christian high school, and was there for three years. From there, he and his family moved to Petaluma, CA, and established Calvary Chapel Petaluma.

After being in Petaluma for roughly ten years, in 2004 he began another decade of planting churches. He moved with his family several times, planting small fellowships. 

He continued teaching youth groups, home fellowships, and Sunday mornings.

Archived studies from Daytona Beach, where he was most recently, are on the teaching page.

A conviction to help young people get established in a love for God’s word and a close relationship with Jesus is what inspired him to establish Stillwaters Resource Ministry, Inc.

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