April 29: Greatly Beloved


Thank God for His great, wide, deep, tender, compassionate heart. It’s great to know He cares for our great needs, and forgives all of our sins. But to know that He also cares for every hair of our head, knows every thought and concern, and feels our sorrows, griefs, anxieties, and weakness is beyond comprehension. Oh such love, that He who humbles Himself to look at the heavens should regard us with such tender mercy, attention, and lovingkindness. As David said “Such knowledge is high. I cannot attain to it.” But it is our birthright to TRY and imagine and conceive of our God’s great love for us, knowing our greatest efforts will fall well short of the truth of His love – a truth which will unfold through out all eternity. AND, He loves me TODAY – RIGHT NOW!!

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