April 12: Comfort from His Sorrows


When life’s burdens and sorrows seem more than our hearts can bear, we can run to our Savior, our Great High Priest, and we will find a heart full of understanding, compassion, gentleness, care, and help. How is He so able to be there for us? Because His own great heart was so broken, crushed, wounded, abandoned, and sorrowful. He FULLY knows our weaknesses, pain, and grief, and He cares beyond all measure for us.

Oh Lord, come to me today, and be the lifter of my soul. Rescue me from my heaviness and sorrows, and be my hope and healing. Only You, Lord Jesus, truly understand the depths of my soul’s anguish, for You alone have suffered for me. Help me come to You today, Lord Jesus. Touch my heart and fill me with Your Spirit of grace. Thank You for Your faithfulness and Your presence with me today, Lord Jesus.

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